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Nadia 2.8.2007 04:59

Hi, mi name is Nadia, I'm venezuelan and I am so glad to know that a group like you can exist.. I've been beatlemaniac (I don't know this is a right word, forgive me :-D) since my childhood, because my mother makes me hear the beatles since I was 5 years old. Now, I'm 28, I am singer, conductor, and Music teacher (graduate in university)
Your sound is amazing!!! 8-o I couldn't believe that I hear in the samples.. that is a beatle sound, your voices are like angel voices.. I love them!!

All of you are great artist!! I'm so glad.. thanks..
A big hug to all of you :-)
Your new fan, Nadia
P. S.: I love you, you, you, you... ahahahaha!! ;-) no.. I'm sorry about my english, remember, this is not my language :-. :-)

Pangea 6.7.2007 22:40

Hi Beatleman,

Thank you for your post.
You are right but only partially.
In the past we used replicas and stylish copies of Beatle instruments (violin bass and electric guitars made by german company Johnson). For the price they cost they were/are a really good piece of equipment. You can see them on some live photos and videos. Yes, their sound isn't 100% like their 60's originals but for live performance it was enough and for visual image of the revival/tribute band too.

But now we play original Hofner bass (apox. 1967), original Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitar and original Ludwig drums. So, all the main photos on "Equipment" page are accurate, only live photos are old.

Jiri (bass)

Beatleman 6.7.2007 17:56

Its nice to see you boys are paying The Beatles a very nice tribute....but I have to wonder about your choice of instruments. I have no clue what kind of violin bass that is I see in some your pics....but I know its certainly no Hofner that your trying to pass off as one....I own one and I am a lefty and that for sure is NOT one. Also I see what looks to be a Jay Turser Rickenbacker ripoff copy and I got to wonder what kind of sound you guys are really getting with those phoney instruments....believe me I've been in Beatle tribute and seen many of them to...and if you really want to get that true need the real thing baby....but keep on rockin.

PANGEA 7.6.2007 08:55

Toine: Something has been corrected :-) Sorry for that mistake ...

Toine 16.5.2007 17:51

Hi, I just visited your site for a few seconds. I am not a big beatles fan but they are one of the reason I love to play and listen to music. I never heared you guys and don't doubt about you knowledge of the Beatles, but when I want to watch your video of Something, and I read composer: Lennon - Mac Carntey, auch it hurts!!!

Just to let you know!!

Erich 5.11.2006 21:30

Hello Pangea!
thank you very much for your wonderful performance at our oldie night in Mamming. It was a great show and everyone was truely impressed. As a great Beatles Fan I must say you deserve to be called one of the best Tribute Bands of the Fab Four. Thank you once again and I hope to see and hear you in the future again. Wish you the best for your further way. Greetings Erich :-)

mino 5.11.2006 14:31

hey.hallo from Italian drummer,you're fantastic tribute band.
Now please visit me at and message me!thanks!

Pangea 4.9.2006 09:51

Karen: Thank you very much for all those superb photos :-)
We would like to use some of them on our new webpage. Is it possible to remove the link? We can put it in the title tag for mouse hoovering if you want to have it somewhere...

Karen 28.8.2006 09:42

Hello! On my website, you can find some pictures of the show @ Huntenpop. Hope you like them :)

Greetings, Karen

Yossy-Indonesia 29.1.2006 12:44

8-o :-| :-D :-/

Dear All The Beatles Fans,
I want to know you better and make a relations, please send me by email add

Yossy-Indonesia 29.1.2006 12:09


Yossy-Indonesia 29.1.2006 12:09

Hi The Pangea, my name's yossy and i love the beatles...i have a beatle group in Jakarta/Indonesia...Wow you're looking good, but i know you and i saw Live on video and before i listened your beatle songs by own cassete collection...
I wish you to reply me and join with you for jamming someday...
Getting Better All The Time !!

- yossy -

PANGEA 5.7.2005 00:34

This public forum is the right place for your messages.

We welcome your opinion (positive or negative) about our website, our recordings, our live performances etc.

Thank you.

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