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Blek - George 21.9.2009 13:11

Jan & Minie: See my reply on Czech part of Message board :o)

Jan a Minie 21.9.2009 11:09

Hello boys of Pangea,

You gave a very good concert in Lochem (NL). We enjoyed a lot. After your concert we drove to CZ for holidays. Your new CD is beautiful.
Next time (in 2010) we hope we can see you perform also in CZ. or SK.
Do have a nice time. We wish you a lot of success.

With our kind Regards. :-)

Blek - George 4.9.2009 22:24

Blek 26.7.2009 20:30

To Minie and Jan: Very sorry for our late reply. We're also looking forward to meet you in Lochem :o)

Minie 1.7.2009 14:10

Hey hello Pangea Beatles,

I discovered that you are coming to Holland again at the end of August this year. You will come to Lochem and that is not so far from us. We will try to see and meet you again there. We wish you a lot of success everywhere.
Bye, Minie and Jan. (Fans of good music from the Sixties).

teddy 2.4.2009 13:41

hi pangea...
just ask, do you know G-Pluck Beatles Band from Jakarta ?
They ever showed in Cavern Club Liverpool..
Please comment, Thankd

Blek - George 1.1.2009 13:38

We do remember both of you very well of course :o)
Thank you for your message and let us send our greetings from CR to you. All the best in year 2009, hope we'll see you soon.

Minie and Jan 31.12.2008 23:57

We have attended your gig last summer during our holidays in CZ and that was very nice. We hope to see you again in 2009.
Now, December 31st we wish you all: A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

See you again!
With kind regards from Holland

d.rosa 7.12.2008 18:42

eu sou a d.rosa quero um beijo :-D

Blek - George 16.11.2008 15:18

2 Chris: Thanks a lot for your message. We'll keep doing our best to get more of those feedbacks :o)

Chris 16.11.2008 05:06

Hey guys! My name is Chris from the States and I saw you guys on YouTube. Usually, I am VERY unimpressed with so called cover bands of The Beatles and generally find them completely awful. You guys were different. You guys were AWESOME from the videos I saw. I thought I was watching the real Fab Four for a minute. Your portrayal of the Fab Four is outstanding, but the music is also mindblowing. Keep up the good work!!!

Jiri - Pangea 27.9.2008 14:20

Now you can play full versions of all our videoclips (2004-2008) on youtube:

andre 14.9.2008 02:02

were thid you buy the guitarr of richerbacher???????

by:the beatles

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