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carlos zapata 25.5.2014 21:35

son increibles,el cocierto en rymarov es espectacular,grandioso el que mas me gusta lograr ese sonido y fidelidad en ese lugar muestra lo mejor de ustedes.I feel fine if I needed someon and help en rymarov ...muy buenos,lo mejor para ustedes de argentina

Uta 10.5.2014 23:41

Ahoj kluci, diky za skvely koncert dneska v Jene, prijedte zase, byla to parada!

Veijo 3.12.2012 14:54

Hi guys!
We have an annual Beatles-happening in Tampere, Finland. Here´s the site:
I´m looking forward to see you there in some years!

Andreja 30.9.2012 23:24

Hi, you were great in Ljubljana last night. You said something about Koper in november - when and where exactly?!?

Thanks :-)

eliana brasil 22.7.2012 04:36

oi gostaria muito de velos cantando no cavern outra vez eu e a Re estamos indo e sei que quando chegarmos la vai passar um filme na minha cabeça amei conhecer voces beijos

Drew 28.9.2011 23:39

You guys have covered the song, Don't you worry bout a thing, I saw it on a commercial on the tv and it would be great to get it, link or something +1!

sindre 3.9.2011 17:29

You guys have covered the song, Don't you worry bout a thing, I saw it on a commercial on the tv and it would be great to get it, link or something

Valentina 30.8.2011 13:12

Hi guys, I saw you TWICE at the Cavern (first time I found you by chance, second time I went there on purpose! ;) ), and never did a Beatle tribute band entertain me so much! You can so perfectly recreate the style and sounds of the Beatles, and if one closes their eyes it seems just like you are listening to the real Beatles! You have the ability of involving the audience and no one can resist your music! I think in some way you have the same charm that the Beatles had, that fascinated everybody!... I found out only in the last days that there is a "Beatle Week Hall of Fame", and I seriously hope you guys are already in it, because you totally deserve it! If you are not, I really wish to recommend you to whomever decides to let you in! I've heard many Beatles bands in these days in Liverpool, but no one swept me off my feet like you guys did! Oh, and thank you SO much for giving me your very last remaining promo dvd, I put it on my shelf near to my Beatles albums, because that's the place it deserves! You guys are great and I hope with all my heart that I will be able to meet you again sometime, hopefully in Liverpool during Beatle week again! Many many kisses from your brand new Italian fan!

JoHa 29.8.2011 18:25

Hey guys.
I am from Norway and on tv there is a comersal from IF insurance where they play a song don`t you worry about a thing.
As far as i can see you play it. Where can i get that song?

Didier FLORY (France) 24.8.2011 21:08

I have just seen your show at the Cavern in Liverpool, and I am thrilled by your performance (so is my wife).

Great Beatles music, with the same link with the public.

Thanks a thousand time for the good time with you

Rick Fryefield 22.1.2011 20:48

Hi Guys..I host and produce a tv show in Florida USA I would Love to hav e a dvd of the gropu to air on my show..If you see this me !!!

Blek - George 9.9.2010 21:19

2 Christophe - thanks a lot! hopefully will have a chance to see you soon :o)

christophe 9.9.2010 17:09

saw you guys in Belgium at a wedding (Febe & Kris) this year in March or April.
Came to talk to you afterwards.
As a very demanding sound engineer and producer, I was blown away by your level of music. It was amazing!! thanks

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