PANGEA - The Beatles Revival Band

Tribute to The Beatles



Instruments and amplifiers

Pangea uses the retro-looking and the period instruments.

Ringo's drum set (Ludwig Black Oyster Fab Four)

-very famous drums, typical Beatles' instrument with black oyster finish
-behind the drums you can see Ondrej Kollar, the famous octopuses lover :-)

Lead el. guitar of George Harrison
(Gretsch Country Gentleman / Classic)

-George Harrison started to use Gretsch guitars in the year 1961 (Duo Jet model)
-after their first LP, he changed his Duo Jet for more deluxe Country Gentleman model, which is now manufactured as Country Classic
-both lead and rhythm guitar parts of George are played by Zdenek Zouzelka

12-string el. guitar of George Harrison ( Rickenbacker 360/12)

-its typical "jingly" sound is characteristic for many songs of Beatlemania
-e.g. A Hard Day's Night, Ticket To Ride or If I Needed Someone
-this guitar is played by Zdenek Zouzelka in Pangea

El. guitar Fender Stratocaster "Rocky"

-in so-called psychedelic era, George Harrison painted his guitar Fender Stratocaster with coloured motives
-i.a. it can be seen in Magical Mystery Tour movie
-this guitar is exact copy of original

Rhythm guitar of John Lennon (Rickenbacker 325C58)

-in 2001 Rickenbacker company introduced this guitar as one of the "C" models
-it's a perfect replica of the guitar bought by John Lennon in Hamburg in 1960
-we bought this valuable guitar directly in Great Britain
-after some few adjustments, which was done by John Lennon on his guitar too, we can say we accomplished sound and visual accordance with the original except one difference - our Rickenbacker is 45 years younger :-)

Violin bass guitar of Paul McCartney (Hofner 500)

-is there any other instrument more characteristic for The Beatles?
-Paul has played it up to these days on his tours and some of us had the chance to see it at his concert in Prague in June 2004!
-the "violin" from the year 1967 is played in the Beatlemania period songs by Filip Badalik

Acoustic guitar Epiphone EJ-160E John Lennon Signature Limited Edition

-we use it mainly as rhythm guitar - also The Beatles used it this way
-acoustic atmosphere for relevant songs (1962-1965) is presented by Petr John

El. guitar of John Lennon (Epiphone Casino)

-you can see this modified version of Lennon's 1966 Casino in Revolution clip or in the performance on the rooftop of Apple Corp. in 1970
-we use it in songs of later sixties: Get Back, Lady Madonna, ...

Acoustic guitar of George Harrison (Epiphone EJ200)

-necessary to express the purely acoustic songs - Norwegian Wood, I've Just Seen a Face, etc.
-in later songs it sounds in Here Comes The Sun, Hey Jude or Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da